Terms & Conditions

The person making or confirming a booking is agreeing to these terms on behalf of all guests in the booking, and must complete a registration form with vehicle details and contact information at check-in.

Payments will be processed 48 hours before arrival using provided credit card details. We accept MasterCard, VISA, and AMEX (3.05% surcharge).

Photo ID and a CREDIT card are required for security. However, if a CREDIT card is unavailable, there are alternative options: a $150 hold/Pre-Authorisation on a DEBIT card, or a $150 CASH bond (accepted only if check-out occurs after 8:30 AM). The $150 bond or Pre-Authorisation will be released following room inspection and departure. Please note that funds released from a Pre-Authorisation may take 2-7 business days to become available again, depending on your bank. Please plan your budget accordingly. If unable to provide any form of security, check-in cannot be completed.

Zero-tolerance noise policy after 9:00 PM. Balcony noise travels; please move indoors and close doors after 9:00 PM. No in-room parties/entertainment allowed. Occupancy must align with the room's sleeping capacity. Disruptive behaviour, excessive noise, or disturbances causing guest discomfort will lead to immediate eviction and financial responsibility for costs, including (but not limited to) refunds to affected guests.

Strict non-smoking and no-pet policies apply. Guests will be charged for room degradation, property damage, key/lock replacement, involvement with law enforcement, or noise disturbances resulting in refunds to other guests. If any incidents render a room unavailable, the guest is liable for associated costs.

For rooms that include a cooktop: Please open the balcony/patio door when cooking. Seafood, curries, and strong-smelling foods are NOT permitted in our motel rooms to avoid residual lingering food odours. Non-compliance may result in financial responsibility for costs of rooms deemed unsaleable.

Limani Motel safeguards guest information, not sharing it with third parties without prior written consent unless the guest fails to settle their account or violates the Terms and Conditions.


Limani Motel upholds a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. Notification 48 hours before arrival for all bookings is required, with no exceptions. Cancellations made after this timeframe will result in full accommodation costs.

Group bookings follow a 30-day cancellation policy and must be fully paid 30 days before the scheduled arrival date.